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Decal Premask

PSPI can produce backing papers for Decal Premask, application Tape and Protective Masking Tapes. Engineered for flawless performance, PSPI backing papers provide the strength, flexibility dimensional stability necessary to meet demanding performance requirements. Both Standard Weight (3 mil) and Premium Weight (4.5 mil) backings are offered to meet a wide range of end-use requirements.

PSPI Standard Weight backings offer superior value and performance in applications requiring moderate levels of polymer reinforcement. These products are an ideal choice for sign shop applications, protective masking and the transfer of small graphic designs.

PSPI's Premium Weight backings are the choice for demanding applications where fiber pick resistance, dimensional stability and ease of handling are essential to trouble-free performance. The Premium Weight backings rely on enhanced polymer reinforcement for improved strength, flexibility and elongation. These products provide the tear resistance, lay-flat properties and ease of handling required for the application of wide format digital graphics.

  • Standard (3 mil) and Premium (4.5 mil) weight backings.
  • Smooth trouble-free application.
  • Exceptional dimensional stability resulting in minimal curl, tunneling and edge lift.
  • High internal bond strength prevents fiber pick and delamination.
  • Flexible for ease of handling.
  • High tear resistance.
  • Balanced barrier properties for optimal adhesive anchoring and performance.

End Uses / Products:

  • Protection of screen print printing pallet surfaces
  • Application of graphics and pre-spaced lettering
  • Protection of printed graphics from scratches and abrasion during application
  • Transfer of graphics and/or pre-spaced lettering in sign-making applications
  • Protection of wood, metal and glass surfaces during shipment, handling and installation
  • Application of custom vehicle wraps
  • Stencil and paint masking

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