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Green, Clean & Lean

The paper industry needs to be proactive stewards of our environment. At Potsdam Specialty Paper Inc. (PSPI), it’s more than just words or fancy certificates. It’s the commitment we make to our children and yours: we will always do everything possible to sustain the Earth’s natural resources, shrink our carbon footprint and reduce / reuse / recycle any waste.

Even before it became popular to be “Green,” PSPI has been focusing on creating products that conserve natural resources, developing manufacturing processes that eliminate waste and effectively balancing the increasing demand for renewable energy sources with the absolute need to protect our forests.

The best way to reduce waste is not to create it in the first place. That’s why PSPI has been a leader in Lean manufacturing for the specialty paper industry. Employee empowerment and an attitude of continuous improvement form the foundation of PSPI’s pursuit to produce the highest quality products, with the least amount of waste.

PSPI’s comprehensive green technology approach encompasses extensive waste water treatment, energy efficiency programs for power and lighting optimization, and working with industrial waste providers to utilize scrap industrial waste in many of its products.

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