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Quite simply, our products make your products better. We are the leader in tape base because our customers know they are going to get the highest quality product, in the least amount of time at the right price.

Our Research & Development service is paramount for customers who need a supplier they can trust to get things right. We are committed to spending the time and the resources required to design products that meet the demanding properties your application requires.

Learn more about some of our leading products by clicking on the links below or at left:

tape for masking, painting and specialty high temperature tape products
wallpaper base for both reinforced and non woven applications
medical paper to meet the most rigorous sterilization requirements
abrasive backer for general purpose and specialty sanding paper
label base for unique labeling applications
book cover / decorative packaging to create durable premium quality book covers and decorative packaging
industrial saturating high levels of wet strength for diverse coating processes
latex saturated papers requiring high durability and enhanced paper properties
flame retardant applications to give you a competitive edge
overlay applications for wear-resistant & general purpose overlay
decal premask - provides strength, flexibility, and dimensional stability

For a PDF overview of all of our products, click here to download our complete product brochure (557 kb PDF).

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