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We are the company that general purpose and specialty application tape producers count on. They know our tape base and premask is consistently reliable in terms of quality and performance.

Leading tape manufacturers turn to us because of our history of innovation, responsiveness to their specific needs and the outstanding quality and service PSPI provides worldwide.

Our expertise is your opportunity.

If you have a pressure sensitive tape product – such as masking, painter's and specialty high temperature tapes – PSPI offers latex saturated papers with the wet-strength and high-temperature thresholds your process requires.

  • With our wide-roll capability, we can help you get peak efficiency from your converting equipment.
  • Basis weight range that will meet a wide variety of customer needs; from 22 – 60 lb / 3000 ft 2
  • Our expertise in crepe or flat tape styles… fine and coarse … unsaturated, latex-saturated or with performance coatings … common or unique characteristics … continue to make us a preferred partner in the production of special tape applications and general purpose tapes.
  • With an R&D team that is incredibly responsive in meeting the unique characteristics our customers’ products require, we offer:
    • An extensive range of saturant formulations
    • A stronger base with synthetic and other reinforcement fibers
    • Excellent elongation and caliper retention on creped grades
    • And, a full spectrum of colors to choose from including natural, cream, yellow, green, orange, white, blue or any custom color

End Uses / Products:

  • Masking tape
  • Painters tape
  • Automotive tape
  • Industrial tape
  • Application tape
packing tape
  • Packaging tape
  • Carton tape
  • Construction tape
  • Drywall tape
  • And, more
painter's tape

PSPI: Your Tape Partner

Talk to your partners at PSPI when you need Tape Base papers to meet such demanding requirements as:

  • masking products that withstand the bake cycle during the industrial paint curing process due to their excellent high temperature properties
  • curves and indentations are easily conquered with the high stretch and conformability of our masking products
  • tape that lays flat due to its outstanding runnability, virtually eliminating pucker when heat is applied

You can view this information as part of our Product Catalog by clicking here to download the PDF.

Even better, we are happy to work with you to design products to meet your needs. Contact us today.

Print our product guide (557 kb PDF)

PSPI is a proud member of the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council.