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Resilienze™ Wallpaper Base

PSPI is the industry preferred provider of wallpaper base. We offer outstanding quality, innovative products and a complete range of papers needed for the variety of printing, coating and laminating processes our customers utilize.

  • Excellent Sheffield smoothness, resulting in superior print registration for demanding rotary gravure "direct print" applications;
  • Customized strong base performance paper specifically designed to meet the demanding internal bond and tear strength for "strippable" wallpaper requirements.

End Uses / Products:

Paper Type



Rotary Screen Printing

Rotogravure printing after additional coating and calendering

Performance Wallpaper Base

  • Available in basis weights from 63 – 120 lb/3000 ft2 (103 - 195 gsm)
  • Reinforced with latex for internal bond strength and dimensional stability
  • Smooth surface for coating or printing

Fully strippable wall coverings

Rotary screen printing

Rotogravure printing after additional coating and calendering

Reinforced Wallpaper Base

  • Available in basis weights from 78 – 94 lb/3000 ft2 (127 - 153 gsm)
  • Highly reinforced with latex
  • Excellent internal bond strength
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Smooth surface for coating or printing

Wall coverings

Rotary screen printing

PVC coating
Vinyl foam coating

Nonwoven Wallpaper Base

  • Available in basis weights from 37 - 92 lb/3000 ft2 (60 - 150 gsm)
  • Latex reinforced
  • High synthetic fiber content provides strength and outstanding dimensional stability
  • Breathable for easy application to walls
  • Excellent color stability

™ brand wallpaper base

Resilienze™ brand wallpaper base meets the most demanding durability and print surface performance characteristics and is a recognized leader for environmental compliance and health and safety excellence. PSPI and its Resilienze™ brand go beyond minimum standard performance to deliver superior quality and value for wallcovering manufacturers worldwide.

  • Resilienze™ decorative base paper has been developed to meet the flammability requirements of leading wallpaper manufacturers.
  • Resilienze™ wallpaper base is used by leading wallpaper printers worldwide because it exceeds the developing global standards for low emission formaldehyde content.
  • Our unique Resilienze™ Nonwoven contains proprietary synthetic fibers, offering exceptional performance for demanding expansivity requirements. Resilienze™ Nonwoven provides excellent color stability and is customized for both direct vinyl and print applications.
  • Designers and printers recognize that complex premium quality designs require base papers that meet demanding performance requirements. Resilienze™ brand wallpaper base delivers consistent high quality finished product results.

wallpaperEnd Uses / Products:

  • Applications for these demanding wallpapers can be found in leading design projects, new commercial projects, and licensed children’s cartoon series.

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